Top 10 Most Common Dog Disease and Health Issues

1. Dental Disease

Affecting 80% of all canines by age 2 gum sickness is a typical and possibly intense pup medical problem. In the event that you notice your pooch has stinky breath the illness has effectively advanced farther than is sound. As microbes collects it can enter the body through the gums. Without legitimate consideration this can prompt coronary illness, diabetes, kidney sickness and other major issues.

Canines ought to have toothbrush like people and at any rate once per day you should brush your pet's teeth with an extraordinary toothpaste to forestall dental issues.

2. Obesity

This isn't simply individuals issue, your canine's wellbeing can likewise be contrarily affected when he is overweight. Keep your pet as lean, sound and fit as a fiddle as conceivable to help forestall issues like diabetes and joint infection. Work with your vet to make a supper and exercise plan that finds a way into your pooches way of life. Since dynamic canines need diverse sort and measure of food than more inactive ones.

It's significant not to limit the measure of food that you are giving your canine on the off chance that you need your canine to shed pounds since they may confront the unhealthiness. Ask a veterinarian what is best for your canine relying upon your style of life and what is your creature digestion resembles.

3. Ear Infection

Most canines will have an ear disease during their lives. Dampness in the ear prompts the forests of microbes or yeast and can be brought about by anything from washing, to prepping, to swimming. Summer is a most regular chance to this disease to turn up and that is the point at which you may see the redness in the ear or a truly solid smell.

Ear disease in canine is dealt with truly simple, with extraordinary restorative ear-drops or some time with anti-infection agents.

 4. Vomiting

What can cause regurgitating in canines? Viral disease, microbes, parasites, or even aggravation of the pancreas may be at fault. More youthful canines at some point swallow unfamiliar items they ought not ingest, which can stall out in the stomach or GI lot and cause aggravation.

Your canine may likewise upchuck in the event that he eats unseemly food varieties like grapes, which can cause renal illness. At the point when your canine or feline heaves you ought to counsel your vet to forestall parchedness.

5. Kennel Cough

This type of bronchitis can be easily transmitted between dogs, whether at the dog park, kennel or any other place where dogs congregate. It affects the dog's breathing and larynx and can manifest itself in howling coughs, sneezing, yawning or even vomiting. If left untreated, kennel cough can develop into pneumonia, so it is important to address it as soon as possible.

There are vaccinations available to prevent kennel cough. It is best to vaccinate your dog twice a year if it is taken to other dogs.

6. Arthritis

As dogs age, they can develop arthritis. Most often, it occurs in dogs born with an abnormality such as hip joint dysplasia, but even then it is a controllable condition, so it is best to get an early diagnosis from your veterinarian.

The most important thing for your animal is that you try to keep it in a good weight range. Try to keep it as slim as possible. There is also a medication and exercises that you should do with your dog, such as swimming.B.

7. Cancer

As in humans, cancer is becoming more common in dogs. While it can affect young puppies, it usually occurs in older dogs. You may notice a lump, swelling, lesions or a sudden change in the animal's behavior. In any case, it is important to get a diagnosis as soon as possible, because there are treatment options for dogs, including chemotherapy.

In animals, we don't usually try to get rid of the tumor, we just try to put it to sleep so that our dog is better off for an extended period of time.

8. Heart disease

Like their owners, dogs are at risk of developing abnormal enlargements of their heart, but that doesn't mean your puppy won't live a normal life. The most common reason your dog might develop heart disease is aging, but heartworms and other health problems can also play a role.

It is important to treat heart disease as quickly as possible, precisely because we want to try to slow down this process. If your dog has heart disease, try to do less activities when it is hot and humid outside.

9. Ticks and Lyme disease

Ticks are parasites that connect themselves to your canine, feline or even to you. They feed on a hosts blood and send sicknesses like Lyme illness.

So we wont to keep ticks outside the house yet luckily it's not difficult to keep your canine tick free with a treatment like applying "k9 Advantix" everywhere on your canine. Or on the other hand ask your veterinarian for neighborhood choices.

10. Heartworms

As the name implies, heartworms are worms that develop in the heart. Since this disease is transmitted by mosquito bites, unfortunately, any dog can get it. Even worse, it can take years before your dog shows clinical signs that worms are forming in the heart.

Therefore, if you notice your dog suffering from coughing, fatigue, collapse or depression, consult your veterinarian.